Pigeon Bids Johan Den Hartog & Zoon

se termine Mercredi 4 Janvier à 14h00.

In this edition we bring a few racing pigeons from the top colony Johan den Hartog & Son from the Dutch village Culemborg together with children out of all their national ace bird that are still present at their breeding loft. In a few years of time they won 1st National Ace bird Day Long distance 2019 with ‘Silver Lady’, 1st National Champion Short distance 2019, 1st National Ace bird Short Distance 2016 with ‘Anna’, 1st National Ace bird Sprint WHZB 2019 “Shanice” , 1st National Ace bird All Round WHZB with ‘Mandy’, 2nd National Ace bird Short Distance/ Middle Distance with ‘Golden Heidi’, 2nd National Ace bird Hens All Round 2012 with ‘Lorena’, 3rd National Ace bird Cocks WHZB 2015 with ‘Blue Wonder’ and you could go on like that for a while…Ace birds for many years in a row at the highest level in Holland.

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