SATURDAY 22nd JANUARY 2011.      




This spectacular international pigeon race is now in its fifteenth year and started off with under 1,000 pigeons in its first year way back in 1997, since then entries have increased and in the 7th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race in 2003 it attracted an entry of 2,473 pigeons, then the 8th SCMDPR in 2004 attracted 3,703 pigeons, however the 9th SCMDPR in 2005 attracted a staggering 5,096 pigeons. In a space of two years the entries actually doubled. After the record breaking entry of 5,096 pigeons that were entered into the 9th SCMDPR in 2005, which was made up of 3,711 International pigeons and 1,385 South African entries and were entered from 30 different countries. Then in the 10th SCMDPR held in 2006 we had a total of 4,649 pigeons entered, which was made up of 3,504 International and 1,145 South African entries that were entered by 28 different countries. This was then followed by 4,936 pigeons being entered into the 11th SCMDPR in 2007, which consisted of 3,462 International and 1,474 South African entries. When you consider all the problems and restrictions that have been implemented because of outbreaks of Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease around the world over the last few years, plus many other one loft races trying to compete with the SCMDPR, it really is truly amazing that entries have managed to stay so high, especially when you consider that Mainland China entered 413 pigeons into the 2006 SCMDPR and have not been allowed to compete since. By losing these entries and those from other countries with restrictions has certainly stopped the organisers from smashing records on an annual basis. However, even after all the problems around the world that had affected the entries into the 12th SCMDPR to be held in 2008, the organising committee were still proud to announce that they had managed to get a grand total of 4,902 pigeons, which consists of 3,641 International and 1,261 South African pigeons entered into the race which was held in the fabulous Sun City, South Africa on Saturday 2nd February 2008. The 2009 race attracted 29 different countries and a record breaking entry of 5,576 pigeons and was held on January 31st and this total was made up of 4,496 International and 1,080 South African pigeons, with a total of 3,082 entries actually being sent to the Final Race after nearly 7,000 km (4,350 miles) of training. The entry for the 2010 SCMDPR once again exceeded the 5,000 mark for the third time and a grand total of 5,610 pigeons were officially entered by 30 participating countries and that number is made up of 4,693 International pigeons and 917 pigeons from South Africa who of course are the host country. Once again the International entry has been smashed by a staggering 187 pigeons. When one considers that most of the world was in a massive recession it once again just goes to prove to pigeon fanciers all over the world that this is the race they would all like to win. It really is the OLYMPICS in the world of pigeon races and continually improves on a yearly basis.


I can now officially reveal to the world that the entry for the 15th anniversary race is a staggering 6,613 pigeons entered from 36 different countries, which is a massive overall increase of 1,003 pigeons and quite a few new countries getting involved for the first time. The total number of entries is made up of 5,641 International entries and 972 from South Africa, which of course is the host country. Once again the International entries are up by a staggering 948 pigeons, which is fantastic when the world is still coming out of a recession. The actual total of 6,613 pigeons may well increase by a few as more confirmed information comes in from other Country Shippers.


Of course, one of the main reasons for the success of this race is the extremely professional way it has been run from the start and that they have always paid out their projected prize money every year since the race started way back in 1997 and that is why it is now known the world over “AS THE BIGGEST AND GREATEST PIGEON RACE IN THE WORLD” and has been now been tagged as “THE RACE WITH THE PROVEN TRACK RECORD”.


The Organising Committee, which consists of Zandy Meyer, Race Director, Joan-e Holt, Public Relations, Marion Branford, Administration, Michael Holt, Systems Administrator, Pieter Saayman Assistant Systems Administrator, Andre van Wyk, Dave van der Merwe and Corrie Naude, Loft Managers, Roedolf Kleinhans, Convoyer Transport Manager, plus of course Patrick Ngowangusha and all the seven other loft staff, Paul Smith, United Kingdom Shipper & International Race Co-ordinator, Cornay Smit, Attorney for Air Sport Internationale, Henri Stiglingh, International Ambassador, Dr. Marthinus Hartman, Chief Veterinary Officer from the University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort Veterinary Services, plus of course all the Country Shippers were once again looking to try to increase the entry for the fifteenth race. They knew that this would be a massive task but they felt that even with all the other one-loft races that were now up and running all over the world, beating the world record entry of last year ago could be achieved, providing we did not lose to many countries that had entered in past races. It should be mentioned that Zandy Meyer (Race Director) has worked his butt off and had scores of meetings with the South African Authorities and other Authorities around the world and he finally managed to get Import Permits arranged and issued for most of the countries that intended to compete and take part in the 2011 SCMDPR. *****SPECIAL THANKS must also go to Sara Blackshaw  who is a Director of Air Sport Internationale, who are The Presenters Of This Great Race for their continued support, plus of course Sun International for once again allowing us to use the fabulous facilities at the Sun City Resort to hold this prestigious international event.


Of course, as mentioned earlier, we all knew that this would be a hard task and the first thing that was to be done was for the current web site to be upgraded once again so that even more information was available to the competitors/entrants. After months and months off hard work by Peter Furstenberg of Shine Interactive and his staff, plus Michael Holt and Pieter Saayman, Systems Administrators for Air Sport Internationale this has now been achieved as anybody logging onto the brand new state of the art revamped web site www.scmdpr.co.za will be able to see even more information is available. The “HITS” on this web site had increased from 3 million for the 2003 race to 5 million for the 2004 race and over 8 million for the 2005 race and over 14 million for the 2006 race series. Records seem to be broken each year and the 2006/7 race series attracted over 16 million “HITS” during the race series and during the 2007/8 race series the web site attracted over 20 million “HITS”. Once again another record was broken for the “HITS” during the 2008/9 race series with well over 25 million. Just to show fanciers/competitors and entrants how successful this new web site has been, during the 2009/10 race series the web site had a remarkable 48 million “HITS” over the 12 month period. These figures increased dramatically because of a brand new Information Portal and Twitter facilities that were added as extras during the 14th SCMDPR. This just goes to show the amount of interest that is shown in this great international pigeon race from pigeon fanciers literally all over the world. Information is on line for all to see, so why not join in the fun throughout the next few months and add this web site to your favourites list. There will be about 20 weekly Saturday races plus also quite a few Wednesday races, plus a Monday race right through our winter months for you to enjoy and study from October 2010 right through to the 22nd January 2011. Official training will start during the month of October and then Car Race 1 will take place on Saturday 6th November 2010 from near Coligny, 140km (87 miles), Car Race 2 will take place on Saturday 13th November 2010 from near Sannieshof, 185km (115 miles), Car Race 3 will be held on Saturday 27th November 2010 from near Ottosdal, 200km (125 miles), Car Race 4 on Saturday 18th December 2010 from near Bloemhof, 310km (193 miles), Car Race 5 on Saturday 29th December 2010 from near Warrenton, 390km (243 miles) and then the Sun City Million Dollar Final Race will be held on Saturday 22nd January 2011 from 560km (348 miles). Only races over 50km (approx. 31 miles) will be placed on the official web site. I should be mentioned that the new Car Race 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are just a new name for what used to be Hot Spot Race 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. It was decided that a change was needed as all of these five individual races have a brand new motor car on offer to the first “ACTIVATED” pigeon clocked in each of these five races. GOOD LUCK TO ALL CONCERNED.


I can now proudly confirm to the world of pigeon fanciers that the entry for the 2011 SCMDPR is represented by 36 different countries and the total amount of entries has reached 6,613 pigeons and this total is made up as follows:- AUSTRALIA 271 (+68), AUSTRIA 78 (-12), BAHRAIN 15 (+12), BELGIUM 521 (+20), BULGARIA 6 (+6), CANADA 169 (+7), CHINA 9 (-39), CZECH REPUBLIC 111 (+30), DENMARK 129 (+24), GERMANY 1,640 (+132), HONG KONG 9 (+9), HUNGARY 3 (+3), IRAQ 3 (+3), REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 87 (-3), ITALY 30 (+3), KUWAIT 234 (+81), MEXICO 6 (-45), NAMIBIA 9 (=), NETHERLANDS 422 (+16), POLAND 51 (+39), PUERTO RICO 3 (=), QATAR 21 (+9), REPUBLIC OF KOREA 12 (-3), ROMANIA 81 (+26),  SAUDI ARABIA 12 (+12), SLOVAKIA 93 (+30), SLOVENIA 6 (-3), REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA 972 (+55), SPAIN 24 (+18), SWEDEN 18 (+3), SWITZERLAND 33 (+13), TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 6 (+6), UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 15 (+3), UNITED KINGDOM 609 (+210), UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 890 (+312) and ZIMBABWE 15 (-6).  The figures in brackets behind the 2011 race entries are plus, minus or the same as their 2010 race entries. This makes a grand total of 6,613 pigeons, which is made up of 5,641 International and 972 South African pigeons. It is great to see quite a few new countries coming onboard for the first time and some that entered before, albeit some with smaller numbers of entries but good to see them participating in the race and the race organisers wish them every success during the 2010/11 race series, as they do all the other competitors and entrants from all over the world. Unfortunately once again because of certain export/import restrictions there were no entries again from ARGENTINA, BELARUS, FRANCE, LITHUANIA, MALTA, NEW ZEALAND, NORWAY, PORTUGAL, SWAZILAND, THAILAND, TAIWAN, PHILIPPINES and RUSSIA. The REPUBLIC OF CHINA also has major problems with shipping and exporting of pigeons and if we could get certain restrictions lifted by the Chinese Government many of these past entrants would enter again and the entry figure would have easily exceeded 7,000 pigeons. Once again unfortunately these countries were not allowed to ship their pigeons because of certain restrictions being imposed by their governments. Just think what the entry would have been if some of these countries had been allowed to participate? However, it was also great to see some new countries like BULGARIA, IRAQ, SAUDI ARABIA and TRINIDAD & TOBAGO competing once again. Many of the countries that have participated in past Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon races have entered pigeons again this year but fanciers have had the pigeons bred for them by other fanciers in other countries because of certain export restrictions in their own countries. This probably takes the participating countries in the 15th SCMDPR up to around the 42 mark, which in itself is a remarkable achievement for any one loft race anywhere in the world and of course a great feather in the cap for this outstanding organising team.


CONGRATULATIONS once again go to all the Country Race Shippers for again getting so many pigeons for this fantastic International Pigeon Race, you are truly worth your weight in gold to the race organisers as without all your hard work and effort the race would never get off the ground. It is always interesting to study the entry figures after the last race, those countries that do well usually increase in entries and others that have not faired so well reduce in numbers but as usual there are others countries that continue to increase whatever happens. However, the UNITED KINGDOM TEAM after their outstanding success in winning 1st and 2nd OPEN the 2009 13th SCMDPR when we actually sent a record 602 pigeons. In fact we only entering 399 pigeons and one can only think that this massive reduction in entries was due mainly to the world credit crunch and recession that seemed to have hit this country ever since the last race. However, I was very positive that the UK entries would return once we finally started to come out of this current economic climate. It was great to see that the UK entries increased by 210 pigeons for the 15th SCMDPR, which once again just shows how many fanciers would like to win this prestigious international pigeon race. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL AND THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT.


Once again the marketing for this race never stops and as one race finishes the next one starts but that is really what makes this event such an exciting international race. Of course, if a certain country does not do well in the past race or races, it actually becomes much tougher for the Country Race Shippers to get fanciers to enter because fanciers feel they have no chance to win any of the major prizes. So it has always been the policy of this race to create more and more competitions that offer cash rewards or specials prizes and once again this year is no exception, with five brand new cars being up for grabs, plus numerous other new competitions where fanciers could win something in the five new Car Races in the run-up to the Final Race. Although the race is named The Sun City Million Dollar, the total paid out in cash and prizes in the 2010 race exceeded US$1.6 million American Dollars or approximately £850,000 sterling. No other one-loft race in the world today can boast of such massive payouts and this race has now been in existence for fourteen years and has every year paid out its projected prize money, that is why its reputation has increased, plus it has already paid out in the last fourteen races, prize money in excess of US$21 million American Dollars (£13 million pounds), which is a remarkable achievement in itself in one loft racing and one that the race organisers are very proud of. It should also be mentioned that the Prize Money in the 15th Sun City Million Dollar Final Race has once again been increased by around US$33,000 (approx. £22,000).


All the United Kingdom Team fanciers/entrants and syndicate shareholders will be kept up to date with weekly “NEWSLETTERS” plus any of them can log on to the Sun City Million Dollar Race web site:- www.scmdpr.co.za and get all the information they might require over the next few months. All official past competitors/entrants will still be able to use their old username and password and new competitors/entrants that have entered this race for the first time should now have received their own confidential username and password and then they will be able to log into their own account and see everything on their own computer screen. If you have not received yours yet, please contact your Official Shipper. You can change your pigeon’s name if you do not like the one allocated to it providing of course the name you chose has not been used already by somebody else and you can even put all your pedigrees on live if you wish to, which certainly helps with the final selling price at the auction after the race. Remember the 2008 SCMDPR ACE PIGEON named BIRDY sold for a staggering world record £53,730 and the breeder receives 50% of this figure after expenses. This really is a state of the art race that continues to improve its overall image on an annual basis.


It should also be mentioned that the entrants passwords have all now been sent out to competitors and a status report on the pigeons they entered will be sent out to all competitors and entrants around the middle of October, followed by a full loft listing a few days later, which will show everybody what pigeons are still left in the lofts at that current time. Numerous short training tosses will take place, prior to the actual Pre Training Race 1 and that will take place on Wednesday 20th October 2010 from 20km (approx. 13 miles).


Basket training is already underway and numerous short training tosses have already taken place and over the next few days the distance will be increasing and the race organisers will be notifying competitors/entrants of the progress of all their entries. The training and race programme will then consist of daily training tosses (except Sundays) and a race every Saturday as follows, plus one Monday race and numerous extra Wednesday races. The whole race programme will consist 27 actual races which includes 2 x Pre Training Races, 19 Training Races, plus the 5 x Car Races and of course the Final Race. Pre Training Race 1 takes place on Wednesday 20th October from 20km (approx. 13 miles), then Pre Training Race 2 on Saturday 23rd October from 30km (approx. 19 miles), Training Race 1 is due to take place on Wednesday 27th October from 50km (approx. 31 miles) followed by Training Race 2 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Saturday 30th October. Then on Wednesday 3rd November we have Training Race 3 from 80km (approx. 50 miles), then Car Race 1 from near Coligny 140km (approx. 87 miles) on Saturday 6th November, then Training Race 4 will take place from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Wednesday 10th November, followed by Car Race 2 from near Sannieshof 185km (approx. 115 miles) on Saturday 13th November, Training Race 5 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Wednesday 17th November. On to Training Race 6 from 135km (approx. 84 miles) on Saturday 20th November followed by Training Race 7 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Wednesday 24th November. We then have Car Race 3 from near Ottosdal 200km (approx. 125 miles) on Saturday 27th November, followed by Training Race 8 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Wednesday 1st December. Then we have Training Race 9 from 135km (approx. 84 miles) on Saturday 4th December with Training Race 10 from 300km (approx. 187 miles) on Wednesday 8th December, followed by Training Race 11 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Saturday 11th December, followed by Training Race 12 from 80km (approx 50 miles) on Wednesday 15th December. We then have Car Race 4 from near Bloemhof 310km (approx. 193 miles) on Saturday 18th December, then Training Race 13 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Monday 20th December, then Training Race 14 from 135km (approx. 84 miles). No training on Christmas Day (Saturday 25th December) and Boxing Day (Sunday 26th December), then on to Car Race 5 from near Warrenton 390km (approx. 243 miles) on Wednesday 29th December. Then we move into 2011 and have Training Race 15 from 135km (approx. 84 miles) on Wednesday 5th January followed by Training Race 16 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Saturday 8th January, with Training Race 17 from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Wednesday 12th January and then Training Race 18 from 135km (approx. 84 miles) on Saturday 15th January. Training Race 19 will then take place from 80km (approx. 50 miles) on Wednesday 19th January and then of course “THE FINAL RACE” will take place on Saturday 22nd January 2011 from 560km (348 miles). Of course the weather conditions will have to be right for all of these races to take place, if not they will be basketed and liberated on another day when the weather forecast is better and the Race Director’s decision will be final. The object of this great race from day one has always been to get as many pigeons to the “FINAL RACE” as possible and give all fanciers/competitors/entrants a fair chance in the “FINAL RACE”. Only races of 80km (approx. 50 miles) will count towards the Sun City Overall ACE PIGEON Averages, which has a total of three cash prizes of US$10,000 (approx. £6,666), US$5,000 (approx. £3,333) and US$2,500 (approx. £1,666) for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in this category.


NOMINATION RACES will be held on TRAINING RACES 2, 6, 9, 10, 14, 15 and 18, plus CAR RACES 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and of course the FINAL RACE. All these races will have US$1, US$2, US£5, US$10, US$20 & US$50 REGIONAL and US$1, US$2, US$5, US$10, US$20, US$50 & US$100 GLOBAL NOMINATIONS which can be placed on the Sun City Million Dollar Web Site. If you wish to enter any of these NOMINATIONS, you will have to have credit in your ASI Master Account. If you do not have credit then please forward funds to your Race Shipper so that this can be transferred to your Master Account in time to get your NOMINATIONS placed. Please do not leave it to the last minute to transfer funds as the transfer may not go through in time and this could result in your pigeon or pigeons not winning what they should be rewarded with.


THE CASCADE CHALLENGE was a new competition introduced last year and it created a great deal of interest. It is basically a SINGLE BIRD NOMINATION and any pigeon can be entered for just US$10 (approx. £6-66p) but the “POT OF GOLD” can only be won if one of the NOMINATED PIGEONS actually wins 1st OPEN, if not its like the National Lottery, it just rolls over to the following week until somebody finally wins the jackpot. You do not have to enter the same pigeon every race, the choice is yours. The Sun City Million Dollar Web Site will give you all the information you need to enter this competition. There is already a starting fund of US$3,028-50 (approx. £2,020) which was carried over from the 2009/10 race series. You can enter this competition starting on TRAINING RACE 2, then 6, 9, 10, 14, 15 & 18, plus CAR RACES 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and of course the FINAL RACE. SO WHY NOT HAVE AN EXTRA BIT OF FUN AND LITTLE GAMBLE?




This is the “FIFTEENTH YEAR” since this great International One Loft Race started and every year since day one the Organising Committee have created new competitions and this year will be no exception, more on this as details come through.


It will also be my fifteenth year of organising a “TRIP OF A LIFETIME” and I am also fairly positive that once again Sun International will be going out of their way to make sure everybody has a fantastic time in the fabulous Sun City Resort and as in past years I will as usual be organising a 10 day (7 nights) stay in the fantastic 5 star Cascades Hotel to watch and be part of this fantastic race and meet lots of top fanciers from literally all over the world, whilst the same time enjoying the fantastic South African scenery, weather, food, beer and of course the superb South African hospitality, so if you are genuinely interested please get in touch with me on 01279-812005 or my mobile 07860-568216 as soon as possible because flights and accommodation will be at a premium.


***SPECIAL NOTICE*** One point that should be pointed out to all competitors and entrants is that only your NUMBER 1 pigeons is “ACTIVATED” (FULLY PAID UP ENTRY) with the other TWO (2) pigeons in each of your “TEAM OF 3” being your RESERVES or BACK-UP PIGEONS. Another point worth mentioning is if you happened to lose your NUMBER 1 PIGEON, your NUMBER 2 PIGEON would replace it FREE OF CHARGE and likewise if you then lost your NUMBER 2 PIGEON, your NUMBER 3 PIGEON would then replace that one FREE OF CHARGE. If you were unlucky enough to lose all your entries of 3 pigeons in any of your “TEAMS” and they had won no “Special Prize Money” in the new 5 x Car Races then you are entitled to a FREE ENTRY into the 2012 SCMDPR, all you have to pay is the shipping/export costs. This of course represents great value for your money. All pigeons go to every training toss and Saturday races providing they are fit enough but can only compete for any of the allocated PRIZE MONEY or SPECIAL AWARDS in the 5 x CAR RACES if they are “ACTIVATED” and that means that these must be paid for prior to the CAR RACE 1, which is due to take place on Saturday 6th November 2010 from 140km (approx. 87 miles). The cost to “ACTIVATE” these “RESERVES or BACK-UP PIGEONS” is US$1,000 but that will then entitle all these fully paid up pigeons to compete and be eligible to fly for all the extra cash prizes and special awards that amounts to close to US$300,000 (approx. £200,000). The one thing to remember is that once your reserve pigeon or pigeons are fully paid for, if then they get lost and have won no prize money or special awards in the Special Money Races, then you get this money refunded (less about US$15 (£10) for bank charges) or you can have it added to your ASI account, which can then be used to purchase another pigeon at a later date and be entered into the Final Race under your name or syndicate. So as you can see it is “BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY” and pay for them early, after all you have nothing to lose. HOW MANY OTHER RACES IN THE WORLD OFFER THIS OPTION TO COMPETITORS AND ENTRANTS?


***WHAT CAN BE WON DURING THIS 2010/11 RACE SERIES*** Prizes and awards have once again been increased and now add up to a staggering US$1.7 Million American Dollars £1.13 Million Pounds) and these include 5 x Brand New Motor Cars, 1 for each of the 5 x Car Races, 100 x US$1,000 Hot Spot Cash Prizes, split into 20 x US$1,000 Cash Prizes for each of the 5 x Car Races, a US$5,000 Hot Spot Ace Pigeon Award for the best pigeon in these 5 races, 5 x US$5,000 Country Cash Prizes on the Car Race 5, plus numerous other US$1,000 Cash Prizes, these prizes are for the first pigeon from each country in the result, the first five different countries take the US$5,000 prizes, then after that US$1,000 prizes. A Two Bird Average Competition and a US$2,000 Cash Prize in each of the 5 x Car Races, the Sun City Ace Pigeon Award and US$17,500 in Prize Money, split into three cash prizes with 1st US$10,000, 2nd US$5,000 and 3rd US$2,500, a US$5,000 Cash Prize for the pigeon with the best overall average in all the Training Races and Car Races and the Final Race, all these races must 50km or over. There will also be a Knockout Winner and US$25,000 Prize Money, which starts on the Car Race 2 and the winner is the first one to be clocked in the “FINAL RACE” (over the past few years there has been around 30/40 pigeons still left in this competition). Then in the “FINAL RACE” 0n the 22nd January 2011 there are 10 magnificent gold pendants to be won and around US$950,000 American Dollars in Prize Money and 300 cash prizes being on offer. (ONLY “ACTIVATED” PIGEONS ARE ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE FOR ANY OF THESE SPECIAL CASH PRIZES OR AWARDS). PRIZE MONEY ALLOCATED TO THE 15th SUN CITY MILLION DOLLAR “FINAL RACE” IS AS FOLLOWS:- 1st US$200,000 (approx. £133,333), 2nd US$120,000 (approx. £80,000), 3rd US$75,000 (approx. £50,000), 4th US$50,000 (approx. £33,333), 5th US$25,000 (approx. £16,666), 6th US$20,000 (approx. £13,333), 7th US$17,500 (approx. £11,666), 8th US$15,000 (approx. £10,000), 9th US$12,500 (approx. £8,333), 10th US$10,000 (approx. £6,666), 11th/15th US$7,500 each (approx. £5,000), 16th/20th US$5,000 each (approx. £3,333), 21st/30th US$3,500 each (approx. £2,333), 31st/50th US$2,500 each (approx. £1,666), 51st/75th US$2,000 each (approx. £1,333), 76th/100th US$1,500 each (approx. £1,000), 101st/150th US$1,250 each (approx. £833), 151st/200th US$1,000 each (approx. £666), 201st/300th US$500 each (approx. £333). (Subject to terms and conditions of entry). The actual cash prizes stated above represent exchange rates at the current time and may of course change at the time of each race depending what the currency exchange rate is on that race day.


It is worth mentioning that three brand new cars have been won by fanciers representing the United Kingdom Team in the last three years, Richard Elliott and Chris Gordon both won new cars during the 2005/6 race series and Paul & Dave McCarthy won one a new car during the 2006/7 series. The Irish fancier named John Nash also won a brand new car in the 2008/9 race series. I am hopeful that somebody from the United Kingdom or Ireland will also win one or maybe more brand new cars during the 2010/11 series. GOOD LUCK TO ALL COMPETITORS.


I would also just like to notify fanciers that my weekly “INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE”, “NEWSLETTERS” and “UPDATES” can now also be seen on the following pigeon web sites:- www.iprr.co.uk    www.elimarpigeons.com www.pigeonportal.com   www.pigeonglobe.co.uk   www.cyberpigeon.co.uk   www.pigeonbasics.com plus of course they will also be in the “”BRITISH HOMING WORLD” and “THE RACING PIGEON” for all to see.


The race date for the 16th SUN CITY MILLION DOLLAR PIGEON RACE has already been agreed and confirmed and this will once again take place in fabulous Sun City Resort, South Africa on Saturday 28th January 2012. If you are interested in participating or acting a Country Race Team Shipper, then please contact me as soon as possible on 01279-812005 or my mobile 07860-568216 and I will give you all the information you require. My two shipping dates for the 2012 SCMDPR will take about the 16th May 2011 and then second one around the beginning of July 2011.


If you have any questions about any aspect of the SUN CITY MILLION DOLLAR PIGEON RACE, then please contact me as soon as possible on 01279-812005 or my mobile 07860-568216 and I will do my best to answer any of your questions or queries.




I have once again formed two big syndicates which gives anybody the chance to be actively involved with the race from the start to the finish, both of these syndicates comprise of 42 pigeons in each and one will be known as the PREMIER STUD UK SYNDICATE with all of these pigeons hand picked by the expert team that work at Patrington Haven, Hull, East Yorkshire set up, which has some of the best European strains and families in their stock lofts today. The other one will be named the PAUL SMITH SYNDICATE and also has 42 hand picked pigeons bred by Jimmy Richards from Laindon in Essex, who really has become a legend in his own lifetime by winning numerous 1st Combines and RPRA Awards over the past few years, plus numerous outstanding positions in the SCMDPR over the past few years. Shares and all the full details of OPTION 1 and OPTION 2 will be advertised in both the “BHW” and “RP” weeklies over the next few weeks and all shares will be sold on a first come, first served basis. So if you are really interested then please call me today on either 01279-812005 or my mobile 07860-568216 for further details. It costs about £765 per pigeon to enter them into the race, so when you consider the price of each share, you will realise what great value it is being part of these syndicates, as you will have multiple entries entered into all the races at a fraction of the cost of entering just one pigeon. SO WHY NOT HAVE A LITTLE GAMBLE AND JOIN IN THE FUN IN THE SUN OVER THE NEXT FOUR MONTHS AND BE PART OF OUR NATIONAL TEAM AND “FLY THE FLAG FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM”?


Paul Smith.

United Kingdom Race Team Shipper & International Race Co-ordinator for The 15th Sun City Million Dollar (The Greatest & Biggest One Loft Pigeon Race In The World Today! and also “The Race With The Proven Track Record”), which is due to be held in Sun City Resort, South Africa on Saturday 22nd January 2011.

Regency Lofts Limited, 2, Highmead, off Coltsfield, Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex. CM24 8LJ. England. Telephone/Facsimile:- 01279-812005 (Int. Code:- +44-1279-812005). Mobile:- 07860-568216.

Email:- reglofts@aol.com Skype Address:- talbot7944

Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race Web Site:- www.scmdpr.com